As we wrap up our last day of outreach, I can truly say I am joyfully exhausted. This week has been filled with very long days, but they have been some of the most memorable. As part of my role this week, I trained under our fearless leaders, Laura and Jenni! To say they made their jobs look easy is an understatement, and I am filled with such gratitude for what they have done for us to make it an incredible experience. I also got to spend some quality time with our in-country team who I only really get to see via zoom each week for follow up outreach. To have the opportunity to connect, encourage, and love on them really solidifies why I continue to choose to be on zoom each week. They really are the hands and feet of our ministry, and I am blessed to be part of their awesome team. This truly was a Spirit filled week, and I feel as much as I have poured out, I have also been poured into.