International partnerships can be life changing for all involved, when done well.

God is on mission, bringing spiritual and physical flourishing to His fallen world through the power of his Word. We have a part to play in that, by seeking to love neighbors both near and far. It’s all for His glory.

Poverty is an invader in God’s world brought about by lies embedded in cultures around the globe, lies that are broken by the truth of a Biblical worldview. The North American church has access to discipleship tools and other resources that can make a lasting impact in developing communities globally, while growing North American believers who stand in relational solidarity with the poor. Often it is simply a matter of discipleship; allowing church communities overseas to see their true capacity to initiate their own solutions.

Healing Nations comes alongside any church or group that wants to address our broken world with Gospel driven compassion & discipleship resources, without Pastors or key leaders having to manage all the details. If you are looking for a new partnership, we move through a discovery process with your team to determine together where you would like to work in the world and what issues your group wishes to address. Often we connect you with one of our vetted global partners, but sometimes we go on a quest to find you the most appropriate new partner. We then take care of training and logistics for teams, lead each team and manage the activity. Occasionally we help with an existing “stuck” partnership a group has, and sometimes we simply coach churches on the use of great discipleship materials to use with their existing partnerships.

It’s like you have a missions department…because you do.

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Invest in the flourishing of your global neighbors.

Support specific projects, staff, or general ministry operations.