Is it possible to consider football with beach balls as sacred space? Is it reasonable to believe that giggling with children of many ages as sacred laughter? Is it true that a Jesus story told in a few minutes in two languages as a sacred bible sharing? Is it a thing to think the wee ones to the teenagers opening their mouths for fluoride treatments while we sing “ahhhhh” together is holy? Could a craft table covered in stickers and markers, airplanes, and, paper people be in God’s service?

My answer is a big loud YES! I have been blessed to spend each day with the medical team of Healing Nations and the beautiful children of Guatemala. This is sacred time!

My heart is overflowing. I once again am convinced that thru Jesus Christ we all belong to each other! Praise be to God!

Pastor Reba Kiger-Kolasch

This is my fifth trip with Healing Nations in over approximately a six-year span. Each team has been different but similar in their eagerness to share their skills and love of Jesus. I have loved seeing the evolving medical outreach program. Each trip I have noticed changes that have made flow easier and care more comprehensive. The team members provide Spiritual, emotional, medical care to the Guatemalans that changes as we learn about them and their culture.

Arleen Barrell