Day Six – Joyfully Exhausted

February 27th, 2024|Medical Mission - Guatemala Feb 2024|

As we wrap up our last day of outreach, I can truly say I am joyfully exhausted. This week has been filled with very long days, but they have been some of the most memorable. As part of my role this week, I trained under our fearless leaders, Laura and Jenni! To say they made their jobs look easy is an understatement, and I am filled with such gratitude

Day Five – Incredibly Grateful

Medical Mission - Guatemala Feb 2024|

This is my third time being here with Healing Nations in this beautiful country.  The good it does my heart is beyond words.  I love the opportunity to serve beside Abita, the dentist here in Guatemala. She is a breath of fresh air and keeps me laughing even with a line down the hall.  The one thing that stands out to me is the care she gives each patient and the way she soothes

Day Four – A Cross Set on the Hill

Medical Mission - Guatemala Feb 2024|

Before I tell you about our amazing fourth day spent in Antigua I would like to express my feeling of the overall experience. This is my first time with Healing Nations and my first medical mission. I am so grateful for this opportunity, that for me, seems to have fallen out of the sky (thank you Reba). God has very recently re-entered my life, or rather he has always been there waiting but I

Day Three – Sacred Space

Medical Mission - Guatemala Feb 2024|

Is it possible to consider football with beach balls as sacred space? Is it reasonable to believe that giggling with children of many ages as sacred laughter? Is it true that a Jesus story told in a few minutes in two languages as a sacred bible sharing? Is it a thing to think the wee ones to the teenagers opening their mouths for fluoride treatments while we sing “ahhhhh” together is holy? Could a

Day Two – He is the Vine, We are the Branches

Medical Mission - Guatemala Feb 2024|

Day 2! Today we got the flow of things down pat, and we are settled into the new space. I was in Triage with Izzy, my wonderful translator. In Triage, I get the privilege of taking vital signs and listening to the patients’ stories and why they have come to outreach. I then communicate all of that to our providers via the computer system. The kids and elderly patients bring a special joy to

Day One – Sharing His Love

Medical Mission - Guatemala Feb 2024|

Not only was this Day 1, but it was my first mission experience, and what an AMAZING experience it was!  I was fortunate to be able to interact with many of the patients….. thanks of course to my gracious translator, Jessica.  Although I was administering the PHQ, depression screening questionnaire, and heard some sad stories, I was so blessed to be able to pray together with the patient, Jessica, and sometimes other family members. 

Final Outreach Day!

Medical Mission - Guatemala June 2023|

From Jacob: Hello everyone on the World Wide Web!  Today was Day 5 of outreach and we had the opportunity to deliver a brand-new mattress and box spring to Sabino’s house because we noticed his bed needed to be replaced when we finished his roof on Saturday.  Sabino loved his bed so much he didn’t want to get back up again after laying on it!  We finished the day with a few more deliveries

Outreach Day 4

Medical Mission - Guatemala June 2023|

From Shawnda: Day 4 is in the books.  This week has been amazing!  I love getting to know the new team members and seeing the families that we have worked with for the last several years.  Every trip brings new challenges and new rewards.  Today we worked a little shorthanded due to illness.  It was awesome to see this team come together to make it work and care for these people. They still felt

Day 4 – Exploring Antigua

Medical Mission - Guatemala June 2023|

From Andre: As is the norm it has been a busy trip.  Travel all day on Wednesday, long clinic days (leave around 7:15 am and get home around 8 pm) Thursday – Saturday.  So, I was looking forward to a restful Sabbath on Sunday.  That was until multiple members of the team got sick with a GI illness – I will let you fill in the details.  One of the team members who was

Open hands, open hearts: Day 3

Medical Mission - Guatemala June 2023|

From Claire: Day three working in Guatemala was definitely one I will never forget! As we continued to work and improve Sabino’s house, we cleared out almost all of the spider nests. It was pretty terrifying as they tried to escape our stomping feet. But working on Sabino’s house made me think about how great and plush our lives are in the U.S. Over and over again, he would tell us how grateful he

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