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Wearing the Boots

Hola mis amigos! Ese me ur boi Tomas! Today we worked super hard. To begin the day off, we had to wear hard hats for the 1st time EVER!!! Almost everybody thought they were super uncomfortable but for me they were sweet!! It made

Sunday morning at 9 a.m.

When people say “God’s timing is perfect,” they probably aren’t referring to stories like this one; but here goes … When it came time to make a decision whether to join the Guatemala team, one of my hesitations — and I’m not proud to

In the heart of Antigua

Hello everyone! My name is Emma Champ and this is my second year going to Guatemala! I was a last minute addition to the team, but I have never been happier and have loved every second of the trip so far! After a day

Team Spirit!

Today was day two in Guatemala. Yesterday was spent doing a lot of hard work hauling dirt and sand. We spent most of the day filling in a trench on the back side of the church and also shoveling sand for cement mixing. We

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