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Day Six – Joyfully Exhausted

As we wrap up our last day of outreach, I can truly say I am joyfully exhausted. This week has been filled with very long days, but they have been some of the most memorable. As part of my role this week, I trained

Day Five – Incredibly Grateful

This is my third time being here with Healing Nations in this beautiful country.  The good it does my heart is beyond words.  I love the opportunity to serve beside Abita, the dentist here in Guatemala. She is a breath of fresh air and

Day Four – A Cross Set on the Hill

Before I tell you about our amazing fourth day spent in Antigua I would like to express my feeling of the overall experience. This is my first time with Healing Nations and my first medical mission. I am so grateful for this opportunity, that

Day Three – Sacred Space

Is it possible to consider football with beach balls as sacred space? Is it reasonable to believe that giggling with children of many ages as sacred laughter? Is it true that a Jesus story told in a few minutes in two languages as a

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