This post by Jared

Today I woke up at 6:10am, having gone to bed at 9:15pm. I’m pretty sure I could have gone back to sleep for another 5 hours. But I couldn’t, there was just too much fun to be had. Because today is our day off. It’s PARTY TIME! We started the day visiting church with Craig and Carol. Iglesia del Camino, The Church of the Way.

I am always amazed and mystified by God’s presence no matter where you are. It is true, where 3 or more are present there He will be. It was great to worship with brothers and sisters of not only Guatemala but around the world. Our God is an omnipresent, omnipotent creator who spreads his love to anyone who is willing to listen to his Holy Spirit. This is exactly what the preacher preached. I wrote a few one liners that I took away from this morning’s sermon. These would make Stallone or Schwarzenegger proud!

I will stay.
I will Go.
I will listen to your calling.
We need to understand that the Spirit knows where we need to go.
Trust in the Holy Spirit not in self.

Are not all of these three real truths? Trust in the lord with all of your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all of your ways acknowledge Him and he will make your paths straight.

Via con Dios my friends.

This post by Jordan

It is always a precious gift to be able to travel to a new place, learn from a new culture, and see God’s image reflected back at me from beautiful new faces. These few days in Guatemala have brought so much joy and enjoyment: both in and out of the medical outreach. Today, after worshiping with our family in Christ we enjoyed a fun lunch with delicious food, good company, and lots of laughter. Then we had some time to get to know the city of Antigua.

We wandered cobblestone streets under a bright sun and stunning blue sky. We visited some of the many ancient and inspiring churches and monasteries that survived earthquakes to share beautiful art and a place of rest with all. We walked past bright flowers, passed through arches, and watched a holiday celebration parade while dancing along to the music. We went winding through stalls of vendors sharing smiles and color and artisanal talent. All this in the shade of an active volcano. It was a beautiful moment in time to appreciate God’s creativity in both his natural creation and His personal ones.

As I was taking in all the new and delightful sights, sounds, and places, I was also reflecting on how (despite this outward visible differences in people and places) we are all the same and are called to the very same thing no matter where we are. I was thinking of how, during the course of our clinic yesterday, the Holy Spirit spoke to the heart of a woman as she was waiting in line for her appointment so that she knew she would be able open up and share about trauma in her past that she needed to speak to someone about. And as her sisters in Christ, the translator and I were able to pray and hug and encourage her. I was thinking about a precious lady who has had a wound on her foot, which I was able to wash and bandage and felt like I was washing the feet of Jesus. I was thinking about the faith-filled gentleman who lives with great anxiety but believes that God will help him to overcome the things he worries about, and how we were able to practice calming breath prayers together. I was thinking of how he brings us all together in HIS love to be His Hands and Feet and Family for each others. And it brings such great joy and fulfillment. And I got an offer from a mother to arrange a marriage for me to her son, so there’s that too.