This post by Alesa

Some will ask, “Why go to Guatemala to help people when there are plenty of people in our own country that need help?” For me it is an easy answer. First of all, I believe that those belonging to Christ have all been called to share the Gospel all over the world no matter what avenue you choose to take. So, in a word, duty.

Secondly, in our rushed and hurried lives in America, we rarely take the time to really look into strangers’ eyes and truly listen to their stories. Today I heard the story of adoption from my translator. I entered the home of a local woman and heard the painful story of abandonment of a husband leaving her with two small children. But adding to that story, she and her children had been taken in by a woman whose husband had been killed. No matter how little she had, she gave what she had. Reminded me of the story of the widow who offered her last amount of money and was praised by Jesus. I have seen families wait for hours to have medical care without one complaint. Many times, I cannot have the patience to wait at a red light! So, in another word, perspective. To whom much is given, much is required.

I will always remember the beautiful dark eyes of the Guatemalan people. My prayer is that as I return to the sphere of influence where God has placed me, that I will be more intentional to look into people’s eyes and listen to their stories. But most of all to remind them that God’s mercies are new every morning and that they were created for a purpose that only God can reveal.