This post by Mary Lee

As children wait at the clinic, playing with the colorful and mesmerizing “parachute” is one of our favorite activities! In the large courtyard, you will often see 10-12 youngsters (plus “young-at-heart” adults) gathered in the afternoons. Grabbing the many handles on the outer edge of the flat, colorful circle of lightweight parachute fabric, we can create amazing shapes together.

Playing with the parachute is not a game for just a few. It takes a team effort. To create the billowy “parachute” formations, all must work together and listen for the leader to give the direction to lift. When we cooperate, we can even elevate the parachute and form a tent-like shelter under the large dome it creates!

This week, our team in Guatemala functions in much the same way. The medical outreach clinic is not an activity for just a few….all parts are needed and we must work together, following the lead and lifting our part. And when we do, God’s amazing “shelter” is provided for those in need!

For he will hide me in His shelter in the day of trouble;
He will conceal me under the cover of His tent…

Psalm  27:5