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Lifeline Community will be returning to Haiti in continued partnership with United Christians International.
1610, 2018


October 16th, 2018|3 Comments

This post by Tom Church day! I had to ask Eric Rogers (our team’s Creole expert) what the Creole word for church was – Legliz. After a well deserved good night’s sleep, that helped us recover from the previous days very active schedule, we had a light breakfast and headed to church. Church is in a great building that has open walls (which was emphasized by the rooster and the dog visitors)  . It

1410, 2018

Hello From Haiti

October 14th, 2018|5 Comments

10/13/18 Hello from Haiti! Waking up in a different bed is always a fun experience. You open your eyes and look around, trying to remember where you are. Most of us actually slept really well. Breakfast was at 8am and came with delicious, fluffy pancakes with syrup and peanut butter. It is amazing to see the kind of resources that JeanJean and Kristie get through the locals and from donations, that can make home

1410, 2018

Bonjou from Haiti!

October 14th, 2018|5 Comments

There was some trouble with the blog this morning so this post is getting added a little late! This post by Susie After a rather late night/early morning we have arrived. We departed SLC at 12:27AM, Friday morning. Most of us attempted to catch a few winks on the 3 hour flight to Charlotte, NC. We landed there quite a bit early despite all the news of hurricanes and the like, and the turbulence

1310, 2018

The Team Has Landed

October 13th, 2018|2 Comments

The team has landed safely in Haiti. Please check back here tomorrow for a more detailed update from the team! Back to Team Page

1210, 2018

The Team is on Their Way!

October 12th, 2018|0 Comments

The team is on their way to Haiti. Keep checking back here throughout their trip to read their updates and comment to encourage them! Back to Team Page

810, 2018

Preparing for Travel

October 8th, 2018|3 Comments

Check back here for reflections from the team as they serve the community! Back to Team Page

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