Hello from Haiti!
Waking up in a different bed is always a fun experience. You open your eyes and look around, trying to remember where you are. Most of us actually slept really well. Breakfast was at 8am and came with delicious, fluffy pancakes with syrup and peanut butter. It is amazing to see the kind of resources that JeanJean and Kristie get through the locals and from donations, that can make home like pancakes. After food, we all gathered for jobs.

Our first one was to organize a food storage building. The team worked very hard at, cleaning out the bad food from the good, sorting different grains and dried vegetables, killing cockroaches, and having a great time doing it all. At some point during the cleaning, a Haitian boy, who was helping move wooden pallets, picked up a pallet and called out to us to see a good sized tarantula. It crawled at him and he swatted it at my leg, scaring the crap out of me. We all had a great big laugh over the whole situation. The next step, after cleaning, was to unload a giant truck full of boxed food. And so, the assembly line began. Note, as much fun as you might have at throwing the boxes to one another, you sadly can’t do it for very long. The finish product was a beautiful pyramid of boxes.

The second job was to go to the nearby church and help around with the kids. Hurray! The team clambered into a school bus and our driver expertly drove us about three and a half bumpy miles to the church. Once there, we all went in and sang with the kids. The kids were very excited to share their name with us and play games. I had caught a giant red bark moth and had put it on my hat as a little friend, and when the kids saw it, they wanted to pet it. Amazing how these kids live with crazy bugs like this and they were all tentative at first. They eventually scared it off. Poor little bug.

Seeing that it wasn’t coming back to me, they led me over to an empty part of the yard and I taught them how to punch correctly. Hey, if you’re going to play fight with your bro’s, you might as well do it right. They all loved the things I showed them and were eager to practice. After awhile, we headed inside for the kids feeding time. While waiting, my new Haitian friends and I made beatboxed and made faces. We had a blast. When we left, the kids all waved and called things out to everyone. Once back inside of the UCI camp, everyone took a chill pill until dinner. All in a days work.

Till ‘morrow.