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Home. !9 hours after waking up this morning we are back in Salt Lake City. After spending a fantastic week at UCI the team has said goodbye to new friends and all of Daniel’s new pets. We successfully made the sensory filled 3 hour trip to the airport. Along the way we were grateful




Day 8 of Dougie Road Trip. Today we made snowmen and snow angels in the rocks. As the trip comes to an end, everyone with their high and mighty iPhones have been airdropping fond memories to each other. Not much happened in the A.M. hours of the day, so I’ll spare you a


Happy Birthday in Haiti!


Seraphina doesn’t want me to tell you it was her 16th birthday today, so I won’t mention it. :-) We did some sneak decorating last night and somehow Seraphina missed the balloon popping! Today we spent the morning helping put in a cement floor. A couple Haitians were hired to run the project and

Happy Birthday in Haiti!2018-10-18T17:08:21-06:00

Hello From Haiti


10/13/18 Hello from Haiti! Waking up in a different bed is always a fun experience. You open your eyes and look around, trying to remember where you are. Most of us actually slept really well. Breakfast was at 8am and came with delicious, fluffy pancakes with syrup and peanut butter. It is amazing to

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