(Trip codename: Hollywood)

So well, 4 days in and we got infected. Jordan, Thomas, Nicolette, Jacob Jones, and Corey all had a bug. Corey and Jacob are practically fully recovered however the others are still a bit out of it. I attended 3 church services today with Iglesia Galilea. Emma Champ and I performed with the church band here. Emma, being the #1 champ she is, killed it at both of the services. I did the second one alright… Yeah… Note to self, Practice playing my guitar in Spanish more. The sermons in San Lucas were easy to follow and compelling. The one Membrillal was entirely in Spanish and ahem* yo no hablo, so as you can imagine it was basically physics class. Really long, monotone teacher, and impossible words to understand. But everyone at the service was extremely nice and patient with nos gringos. I haven’t met a single aggressive Guatemalan. Except the roads. Those are really sketch. But the man who takes us where we need to go, our friend Rudy, is better than everyone and can avoid hitting anything. Mostly. But most importantly we resume work tomorrow and whatever it brings I’m set.

-Jacob Jones

As Harrison described in the previous blog, I was more tired than normal fighting against the bug that has hit several of my fellow missionaries today.  Your prayers are appreciated for a speedy recovery for Thomas, Jordan, and Nicolette, who are still not feeling well.  We hope that they can feel well enough to help move dirt, rock and cement in the next 2 days before the first of our Festivals begin on Wednesday.  We found out this weekend that there won’t be any other Christian churches coming to help out until October after our group, so we would love to get as much done as possible for Iglesia Galilea.  I am amazed by the kindness, acceptance, love and gratefulness that all of the Guatemalan show us every day.   The first day we bought a bottle of Coke for each of the Guatemalan workers and to see the smile on their face when we gave them that Coke made this whole trip worthwhile.  I am so thankful to God for the blessing this trip has been for me and my oldest son Jordan.  What an amazing experience it has already been and we are only 4 days in.  The spirit of God has been moving so much here that this morning at Iglesia Galilea I found myself holding back tears again as I felt the joy that Jesus must have seeing His children praising him in English and Spanish.  I can’t wait to see what is in store for our team the rest of this trip.