All day Friday we continued to rely on God’s faithfulness to provide good weather for the VUKA (Rite of Passage) Camp graduation ceremony. God is good, we had sunshine in the morning as we helped the girls get ready for the big day. A sweet woman made traditional skirts for us as well. Despite the clouds rolling in God held off the rain all day. The celebration was filled with traditional songs, gifts, and gratitude to those who help support the Empower Hope VUKA Program. Many local Pastors were there, as well as parents and guardians of the girls. There was even a fashion show! We were highly honored and it was humbling and awkward because we don’t feel that we deserve it compared to them. I was very touched by the gift of a bag of onions from one of the mothers. Which was a large price for her.

98% of the 104 girls at the camp are orphaned or half orphaned with only one parent. Their stories are full of hardship, abuse and isolation. But these girls, now young women, are determined to complete school and come back to Mt Elgon to help transform their community. Their resilience and passion for the Lord is radiant. People from the surrounding communities were there to support them in their efforts. One inspiring picture was that of the young girls and boys present witnessing what can be possible for them as well.
The people in the community say they have been praying for help and God has finally come to the mountain. I believe he has always been there but now He is known.
We got the down the mountain without problems. Thank you to all who were praying for sunshine and safety.
In Love. Stacy