The day you never want to come.

Today was that day, it was the day that no one wants to tell you about when they recruit you for a Mission trip. It was the day that we said “see you later” to our family in Honduras. Before we get to that, there is so much we need to cover first. This morning was a little later start than normal and as always we were well feed, then we went to the store which seams to be the normal morning routine, but this time we realized that the security teams at the stores here are something like three to one cashier so things are a little slower than we are used too. While us efficient ones decided to get Cinnabon from across the street, we ended up being the last on the bus, but we had Cinnabon which made the morning trip up the mountain a bit better.

When we arrived, the church seamed a bit empty but sure enough the kids and families came down the trails and in the doors. Our task for the day was to paint the last school room which turned out great, but it was also the day we handed out all the letters to the kids and seniors from all of you sponsors.  This was an awesome thing to see, kids full of joy from a simple letter from someone who loves them so much without ever meeting them, so thanks for all the support and letters you all have prepared for us to bring. It is truly a thing that shares Gods love to them that is so simple.

Although handing out letters was great, that is not on the top of the list of bests things for the day. For me the two highlights of the day were, first sharing a birthday cake with my new good friend Skye. We were sung to and given tres leches cake which was amazing. But by far the best moment of the day was to see the celebration of the drama and dance program. There were three groups of kids, one was with the smaller kids, and then the young men which impressed me the most to see the passion in their faces while they danced and praised Jesus. Lastly, the young ladies turn came and they pulled us all up to dance with them and it was a blast even though most of us did not know what the song said. It was for sure a worship song and we got to worship with our family through our dancing.

To wrap this day up it was literally the hardest day we have had so far because it was filled with emotion of love and sweet words exchanged between the new family members we all have found here. I would say, all that we have done here is just a drop in the bucket to what needs to happen down here so please continue to pray for the leadership, the community and everyone who is supporting the mission and vision that has begun to grow here in Honduras. We will miss them so much but it is not a “good bye” because even if I don’t make it down here soon one of you will be down here sharing Gods love and that is what matters even though it is hard.