Hello Marafiki!

This is Shangazi Karen.  We have had such limited service here so we are sorry we haven’t been able to get more messages out to all of you who are supporting us in prayer!  God is good! We have been truly blessed here and graciously welcomed into this family of amazing women and girls.  Yesterday, I had the opportunity to awaken at 5:15 am and run with 104 young girls in the dark to strengthen our bodies for the day ahead. It was a challenging day and the dark clouds showered much rain upon us in the early hours—as they have been since the day we arrived.

The girls heard some very challenging messages over the past few days.  Their stories are filled with lots of pain, hopelessness, and broken hearts.  In the afternoon they began sharing their personal stories with great courage in their mentor groups. The tears rolled down their cheeks and the shame, hurt, and fear was released from their bodies as God began to heal their hearts.  As this was happening the clouds truly parted and the SUN (SON) shone down and began to dry the tears and the earth. Faces changed and smiles were abundant as hearts began their healing. It is amazing to see these transformations occur in front of our eyes. These mentors are walking alongside these girls and sitting with them as they share their stories. They will continue to be with them as they continue this journey.  I am honored to be here, to be welcomed, to be loved by these beautiful people, and to be invited to witness and be a part of the transformation of this area by God’s mighty hand and the vision of these women.

Thank you for your prayers. Tembea Amani.  (Walk in Peace)