This post by Dylan

Today was the first day of actual labor. Or at least that’s what we thought. The main event of the day was the start of us helping to build a house for one of the many wonderful women of the community. I have been looking forward to this day, because one of the ways I feel I am able to connect with others is through working alongside them to complete a project.

Upon arriving at the work site, I noticed the house we were helping to build already had a foundation and framework done. Our team got started immediately to help where needed. The locals wanted us to be the first to begin the next phase. While some of our team got started on this, I was happy to finally get some work done and feel somewhat useful. So, I did what I did best, and carried buckets full of dirt over so we could get the house’s foundation set just right. This did not last too long, as they were eager to show us their hospitable community once more with way more food than we could eat. Tables were quickly put together and tablecloth thrown over, and the delicious food was promptly brought over for us.

Afterwards, we were able to ask some questions to Pastora Wilma, and Pastor Mario, and it was very exciting to hear the stories they told us, and I found humor in learning of Mario’s multiple attempts at Pastora, and fortunately Mario’s persistence paid off. As the day came to a close, as the stories ended, we joined together for the celebration of the birthday of the architect’s birthday who was assisting us on the home. Later, we closed up the evening with coloring and soccer, and Rachel and I were fortunate to meet our new sponsor kid, Eshley along with her mother. It was an exciting moment to be able to share together, and like every day of this trip, maybe except for Monday, I feel blessed to be given this opportunity to share these beautiful moments with the community here.