From Erin:

The Lord kept giving us 2 Chronicles 20. The lesson on Sunday was from that chapter.

As in all of our evenings we had prayer, praise, and worship. But Wednesday night was different.  Betsy and Joani came to us at lunch and asked if we could fast dinner. Betsy was being prompted to fast.  We all agreed. Betsy and Noe were receiving messages about things in Tegucigalpa while we listened to testimonies.  Honduras was having uprisings against the current president, with road blockades and fires.  We began to pray and prayed Jehoshaphat’s prayer.  We had all of the elements fasting, praise, worship and prayer.
“Lord we don’t know what to do but our eyes are on you”.

Thursday morning we set out for our day of fun with the kids. On the way to Santa Emilia we had to turn around and take a longer route because there was a blockade in the road.  Santa Emilia is a beautiful area with a hike up  to a waterfall.  Many of the kids and several adults swam and laughed and played.  We hiked further up the road to a big water slide and pond.  More opportunities to laugh and play and enjoy the water. Thankfully, the blockade did not cause us to alter our plans.

Then came the evening where the kids had planned a special program for us.  We started in prayer, praise and worship.  Then the kids danced for us and the time of blessing began.  Betsy started with a small gift to serve as a reminder of our week of service.  Each of the leaders, Betsy, Noah, Elvia, Mindy,  Norma, and the kids whose lives we touched spoke to us individually and thanked us for what we did.
Each member of our team was able to speak and thank them for what they had done for us.  Our hearts were full our cups were overflowing and out of the abundance of the overflow, our hearts were overjoyed.  2 Chronicles 20 came up again and again.

This was an incredibly beautiful week of service and blessing.  The Lord knit our hearts together.