Today was our final telehealth clinic day. Thank you to the many workers both in Utah and Guatemala that made this happen! Please continue to pray for the people in Guatemala and for ways we can continue to serve this community during such a difficult time.

Our first post is from Donna, a nurse living in Guatemala who has worked as a translator and assistant in the past with our clinics and this month has helped immensely in facilitating this clinic:

“This clinic was definitely a first for all of us I believe. Telehealth. It’s difficult, challenging, and downright draining at times. However, for this team, who normally comes twice a year, it’s important to maintain that relationship with the patients. It’s important to talk to these patients, assess their needs, and give them the meds they need to continue trying to live a healthier life. Access to healthcare here in Guatemala is extremely difficult on a good day, let alone during covid and shutdowns. People were living day by day before all the shutdowns. And now, so, so many don’t even have a little money left to provide food for their families, let alone life-saving medications as well. So for this Healing Nations team, and their partners who are physically in Guatemala to work together to plan such a massive, not-so-easy-to-coordinate event, despite crazy restrictions and ever-changing regulations is huge for the Guatemalan people! I know many months, hours, probably tears went into this clinic. It was all God that He allowed us to have the grace and compassion for one another as we worked through the kinks. That we could laugh even as things weren’t always going smoothly. That the internet held as well as it did. That patients came despite having to walk or travel far during a time of no public transportation. That other ministries all came together here in Guatemala to help run this clinic these last few days. And that these patients were blessed with amazing healthcare and the medications they needed. Gracias a Dios! And thank you Healing Nations, Angela, and others for your tremendous amount of hard work that went into the past few days! It was an honor working with you all.”

From Irma, who runs a local ministry in the area along with her family, and serves as a translator for our clinics:

“Thank you for doing all of this. I know it’s not easy, it involves a lot of effort, work, dedication, love, and more.. and yet you do it and so well! I want you to know how much it means for these people what the Healing Nations team does. Last Friday, one of the gentlemen that came to clinic was obviously grateful and said, “You cannot start to imagine how much help these meds and what you do means to us. Most of us would never be able to afford to pay all the money that these medicines cost. It is just too much money for us and yet you do it so we can live. I pray the Lord to bless you always and to send His angels around you! I am so extremely grateful!” He carried on and was overwhelmed with gratitude and it made me teary. It is true, I don’t think you fully know what you are doing for these people and it’s not only the ones that get medicine who are blessed. I have a friend, from a rural town, who is blessed by your clinic. Some time ago she started discipling very poor women, widows, and families. She walks up and down her town and further to visit them and share His Word and now she takes them food that she gets here and there. The medication she gets from your team enables her to keep doing her work. The medicine you bring is too expensive for her to afford here, so by seeing her and giving her the medicine it helps many others! Thank you!”