Today was the final day of our telehealth clinic. This was an incredible week to be a part of as nearly 50 volunteers worked tirelessly to serve the 408 patients that came through the clinic to receive medical care. Thank you so much to everyone who helped and prayed for this ministry! The body of Christ truly came together to show so much love and compassion to our Guatemalan friends. We can’t wait to get back there soon and do this in person next time! Please continue to pray for those who were seen this week and for the follow up that will take place in the future.

Here is the final blog post written by one of our translators, Wendy, who is a missionary living in Guatemala with her family:

A miraculous partnership…

We are a Guatemalan missionary family and we have partnered with Healing Nations for several years. Every year is a new fresh experience, there’s absolutely nothing boring about it. During the 4 days of clinic we get a chance to see hundreds of people, they are all carrying a load of medical issues, spiritual baggage and a whole lot of heartbreak. What is miraculous about this clinic is that they leave with hope, feeling they are cared for, they leave part of that luggage here and together we share physical and spiritual healing. As a mother, wife and missionary I am blessed to see my entire family serving with such a wonderful ministry, seeing God’s hand move and lives touched by this amazing partnership.