Today was day two in Guatemala. Yesterday was spent doing a lot of hard work hauling dirt and sand. We spent most of the day filling in a trench on the back side of the church and also shoveling sand for cement mixing. We had to move it all from one side of the church grounds to the other due to not being able get the truck on the other side. Some team members also spent the day helping lay cement blocks and mortar on the upper level. I am so impressed by this group. They have been hard workers and so willing to help wherever needed. Today was spent getting ready for our two festivals, making new game stands and painting. Again, I was impressed by the team’s work and willingness to help. I have to admit, before the trip, I was a little worried about being able to get work done with our smaller team. But, the Lord knows what he is doing and I couldn’t have dreamed of being with any other teammates than who I am with. I want each and everyone of them to know that I love and appreciate each one of them. And Jared, don’t worry bout your old Mom, the youth and young adults on this trip are taking very good care of me. From Thomas telling me “no, I’m not going to let you do it, your tired,” to Rachelle saying, “let me do it for you” this is such a kind, loving and fun group! I am looking forward to each every day that we still have here, and I lift up each day to the Lord, that we will accomplish whatever it is each day, for HIS Glory.