So, Men’s Choir came tonight.

The day started off with some breakfast, rice and beans, and then left to the house that we are working on.  We all, for the most part, I will not say any names (3 supervisors), started making the concrete, and then filling the holes that the people who will take the house had dug the two days before.  By the time we left, all the concrete was poured.  After lunch, beans and rice, we had a bit of free time.  Most of the people napped.  The next thing we did was we delivered presents to the kids, back near the first feeding center.  A lot of kids got gifts.  The pictures were chaotic.  On our way back, JeanJean saw some kids that were on some handmade carts.  We pulled them over, got out, and JeanJean said that he would pay them if they went down the hill and came back up.  The kids got paid and we were all very impressed.  JeanJean also checked on the house that we are working on, and they have made it to the window height.  We will move that family into the house by the end of this.  After dinner, our choice of rice or beans, with some corn mush and oranges, we saw the Men’s Choir.  They sang 6 songs before we prayed and gave them a cracker.  Carl said his first Haitian Prayer.  By the end of the day, Janet got 21,588 steps by 6:45. Dylan