We saw 113 patients today, some hard visits reminded us that we can do what we can do, and that medicine has limits. Pray for these cases that God would bring healing spiritually and draw people to Himself.

From Shawnda:

Today was a lot.  A lot of patients, a lot of laughs, a lot of tears, but mostly a lot of love.  We saw the most patients today, and that was a lot.  I have loved coming on these trips and I have had so many experiences.  Today was no different.  With my role on the team I don’t always get to do the actual patient care, I’m busy making sure everyone has what they need and that the computers are working well.  Today though I got to do patient care.  I checked in patients, ran labs and got to play with cute kids.  I was able to talk to patients and practice my Spanish.  While there were rough moments, and it wasn’t an early night it was still amazing.  It has been great to work with this amazing team.  I can’t wait until we are in our permanent home.  God is good.

From Dana:

When the team leader posts, you know you have an exhausted team who all wanted to go to bed! I have the opportunity of walking (and walking and walking!) all over the outreach building and getting a little slice of each station. From the moment patients walk into registration, they’re greeted by Karry and Linda and their amazing team. Organization doesn’t even begin to cover what they do, they’re such a vital part of this team. Patients then enter the triage area where Riley’s smiling eyes greet them and he speaks to them with such kindness… he is born to be around people. The rest of the triage team attends to people with such care and compassion, addressing concerns, taking blood pressures, calming frightened children, and cleaning ears (Cait is a miracle worker!). Karissa, Rylee, and Sherri are so fun to be around… I often find myself gravitating to triage to see what Cait has pulled out of someone’s ear or just to visit. Our providers are so capable and compassionate.. spending sometimes over an hour with a patient in need, hearing from so many about problems old and new (and sometimes rifling through an extremely long list of ailments and complaints), and praying with them. It’s really sweet to get to travel around to each provider and watch the way they use their gifts. It’s amazing to watch! Austin is our counselor and works tirelessly to proclaim the gospel into the hurting and broken hearts that come through his door. He doesn’t hold back in sharing truth and hope, which is so desperately needed. Our pharmacy team is incredible… Johanna and Amy, Craig and Angela have their system down and it’s like a well-oiled machine in there (with the best snacks). I’m excited to see such organization and efficiency, knowing that it’s cutting down on the time that patients have to wait. Amanda is learning the ropes of the medicine room and it’s fun to watch her step into the system that has taken years to perfect! She always has a smile on her face. Chloe and the children’s team are always doing such fun crafts and activities. That’s where the smiles are found, especially when the parachute comes out! And how could I forget Albita and Heather down in the dental cave!? They have a bit of a lighter load this time around, which has made it fun for them to connect with their patients on a different level. I always find such joy in their room (who of you can say you found joy at your dentist’s office??). And Jenni, taking care of so many little things throughout the day that most people don’t see. Managing difficult cases, assessing what needs to be referred, ordering labs. She’s amazing and her giftings shine here. Shawnda takes care of all things IT and for that we are all incredibly grateful!! The electronic medical record has been so smooth this time around and I know that comes from so much work on the back end (Hi Nathan!). She is always just a hop, skip and a jump away from helping someone get reconnected or figure out why their computer isn’t doing what it should. She also gets to jump in to patient care in triage and it’s fun to see her in action. All in all, this team is such a gift. We are all joyfully exhausted, that is certain, but every translator, volunteer, provider and team member is so happy to serve and thankful to get to be a part. I’m counted in that number, so thankful that God would give me another opportunity to come to Guatemala and enjoy the work He’s doing here.