Kelly: The team went to the house we have been working on the first thing in the morning. Fernando’s family had taken down part of the old house prior to our arrival.  This really opened up the space and we could see the bigger picture for the overall project. The team broke off into two elements, one staying to finish building the wall and one went to the Fernandos’s house to learn to make tortilla’s as part of our lunch.

I feel like we have learned quite a bit about construction but more about making a connection with the mission we are serving, and the group of people we have been working with every day.

It’s nice to “slow down” from my crazy work schedule back home and take in the companionship of everyone around and appreciate what we have.

We took a break from working and had lunch with Fernando’s family. They served Hilacha soup with rice and corn, and the tortilla’s that half the team had helped with. What a delicious meal. We also learned this soup is quite traditional, kind of like chicken soup back home.

After lunch we played some soccer at the youth ministry with the family. Later the kids arrived, some played soccer with us and some watched. Face painting and other games were taking place while we played. After we were done playing soccer, the kids and us sat down in a big circle. Dawn was asked to read a story for a bible lesson which she did in Spanish. The kids were very focused and took the material seriously.  Louis from the ministry team helped explain that they did this every week, sometimes many children showed up and other times, there were only a few. It was really a pleasure to see the children smile, listen and enjoy what was being taught. It was also humbling to me to see these kids with very little enjoying the gospel, a great lesson for me personally.

The entire team moved back to the house to finish the project off with a cement plaque that was made by members of the team. Dawn’s artistic abilities shined through even after being put on the spot to get it done. Once it was drawn and completed the whole team singed it.

The mother and daughter were brought into the partially finished house to see the progress and the plaque. They seemed very happy as they explained they didn’t have anything to offer but were grateful to God for having us there.

The Guatemalan’s like to drink Coca-Cola, although this family had nothing, they bought the team Coca-cola as a token of their appreciation. This act reminded me of the story in the bible of the woman who used her perfume to wash Jesus’s feet.

What a wonderful day both learning friendship, working together and teaching the gospel to the children. Looking forward to another day of growth tomorrow.