The last day with my group “family”. So this is our last day/night with each other and it is going by faster than I would like it to go. We started by waking up an hour later than normal and it was hard for me to sleep in that long. I sat in bed and reflected on my time here in this beautiful country. I never really thought I was actually going to go, I figured something would come up and I would have to bail out at the last minute.

God had another plan in mind. I left the comfort of my home and family with a group of people I was unsure about and not ready to talk to all that much. I was also unsure of what God wanted me to get from this experience. I look back at it, I realize that it wasn’t so much what I needed to see but rather what I needed to understand. These people have so little compared to us in the states but yet they have everything because they have such a clear path to God. They live with so little that all they have is hope in Jesus that the next day will come and they will have a way to feed their families. I waste so much time thinking about what phone I “need” or what video game I want that Jesus only comes to mind on Sundays or when I worry about something. God wanted me to understand that I was making him last in my life. He wants me to wake up from this waste of time and start living the purpose he has for me.

After Curtis woke up we went down to the lounge area and waited for breakfast. It was nice to see all of the group there. I knew that was going to be one of the last times we all got to relax and enjoy a meal together. After breakfast we all left to go finish packing and get our last pictures of the group.

The ride back to the Airport was long but it was nice to sit it that cramped van one more time with them all. The flight from Haiti to Miami was uneventful. We all sat somewhat close to each other but I can see them getting ready to go their own ways. Once we landed in Miami we went to dinner and waited till the next flight.

I’ve never really enjoyed being around groups of people but I will miss my new family. I found myself thinking that I will miss waking up in the morning and hearing Curtis talk about how we both wanted to kill the roosters that seemed to think that we needed to hear them all night, he had to have been the best roommate to put up with me.  I will miss Janet “Mom” telling me what the plan is for the day and slowly pulling me out of my shell. She always seemed to know how to make me smile. I will miss  Michele and Lacie. Lacie’s  knowledge of the Bible on our debate nights always had me listening closely and Michele’s big sister approach helped me understand a lot of what was holding me back from

God. Then there is Eva with the prayers that had more power than anything I have ever heard. Even the kids, watching them play with the Haitian kids at the feeding centers was awesome. Kids don’t need to speak the same language to have fun. Mike and Janell, they’re already family but now I feel like we share a bond that goes past Saturday game night.

I will miss our time in Haiti, but this group has done so much for me that they will always be part of my family.