We saw 98 patients today, and while it was super busy (and crazy in the medicine room), we were done at a decent hour!

Post by Johanna:

Hello from the Medicine Room! You might remember this as the P#@rm@*y however there are several words that have been eliminated from our vocabulary due to governmental regulations and that was one of them. May it rest in peace.

We have finished our third day of clinic and the time has flown. The Medicine Room is very large and it has allowed us space to better organize our medications and prepare orders. Our team members and translators have worked diligently and efficiently, and we have been able to finish by 6:30PM two nights in a row!

I have really enjoyed seeing patients I recognize from January. A few patients recognized me and were able to report that they were taking their medications as I had taught them. What I mean by “a few” is that one person remembered how to take her eye drops. But hey, I’ll take it. The trip in January 2022 was my first time working with the team. I was not sure that the work I did made much of a difference however hearing that patients remembered what I had told them makes me feel like my contribution was meaningful. My last trip, I just felt plain exhausted at the end of each day, but this time I’m connecting more with the people and my team members and so I do finally understand the meaning of “joyfully exhausted”.

So now we will get a day to relax and recharge. To my family and friends back home…  “I will see you again, God willing” (as the Guatemalans like to say).

Post by Malinda:

I have been coming on the Healing Nations medical teams for several years but have not been able to come since before Covid. So this has been an extra special time for me to be able to reconnect with the wonderful people of Guatemala and my Healing Nations teammates. My highlight from today was a patient who came to me with a lot of pain in her heel. So, I decided to try my microcurrent therapy on her and after completing the treatment, she was able to stand on her foot with no pain! She gave me a big hug and wanted to have her picture taken with me. I was so happy that she was able to have relief from her pain. I am so grateful that God allows me to come to help these people that I love so much.