We saw 95 patients today! What an amazing trip we’ve had. Here’s a great summary of our trip, from Amy:

“TEAM!!!  This blog will sound like a broken record to what I have written before, but I cannot say enough about how amazing this team has been and how grateful I am to have the opportunity to work with each of them.  From day one each member of the team has stepped up to the challenges that have presented themselves and pushed through the hard stuff to share their gifts.  Starting with registration, Shawnda and Nathan, your EMR rocked our paper world in a good way – thank you.  I want an “undo” button but we can talk about that later…Triage with Ray, Katie, & Annie was a seamless process, gathering all the pertinent patient info, especially those A1Cs, glucoses, and pregnancy tests.  Our providers were amazing (Andre, Randy, Bob, Jarah, & Arleen)!!  Each of you shouldered much of the emotional burdens of our Guatemalan friends as they shared their stories and needs.  Thank you for your willingness to serve God and the people of Guatemala. Pharmacy could not have survived without the whole team helping out when things got crazy backed up, including Craig the pharmacist and Starr (pill counter extraordinaire).  Obviously, we could not have done any of it without our great translators and support team (Maria Jose et team and Rudy).  Dental, Janet and Albita were full on rockstars in their PPE from head to toe every day, all day.  So many teeth to save.  Finally, thanks to Jenni and Dana who made the whole trip possible – you guys are truly blessings from God and examples of what it means to truly love others and give endlessly.  Thank you for another successful trip full of hard work and great friendships in the glory of God. “