From Claire:

Day three working in Guatemala was definitely one I will never forget! As we continued to work and improve Sabino’s house, we cleared out almost all of the spider nests. It was pretty terrifying as they tried to escape our stomping feet. But working on Sabino’s house made me think about how great and plush our lives are in the U.S. Over and over again, he would tell us how grateful he is to have a brand-new roof over his head, that had no holes and was not rusting. Even though it was made of corrugated metal, he told us that he never dreamed of having a new roof and people coming to build it for him. Again, this made me realize that I take the roof over my head for granted. I have never thought about what it would be like to have a roof leaking on me, every time it rains. I love that I was able to help him. Sabino is such a joyful man, and he is smiling all the time. Jesus worked many miracles in this man’s life, and Sabino said that we were one of them.

From JayJay:

Today or in your case yesterday was a vary eventful day, for me. Although I was very tired throughout the whole day though it felt good because I was helping someone that went through a lot in his life. He has been in 5 comas, and many car crashes, he was sick then healed, injured then able to walk. I thought it was cool do hear what he has been through, and to see what God has done to heal him, it reminded me of a story Albita told me on the bus that morning about God reaching down and healing her leg that was meant for surgery the next day. I’m starting to realize how many things I take for granted I mean I knew about the things like food and water, but I’ve started to realize many other things like space, noise, and cleanliness. There is a huge difference between sitting down on a nice comfy couch from a furniture store or in my mom’s case Savers vs. a hard crudely built chair that does not look like its seen sandpaper in its lifetime (well as much of a lifetime as a chair can have). When we all got back it was fun because a lot of the kids started playing soccer so I joined the after an absolutely delicious lunch, thank you to the people that make it, I wouldn’t survive without them. The future looks bright when I know there is more of those lunches in it. Adios amigos!