This post by Tonya

No palabras….no words that’s how I feel when I go to explain this experience to anyone who asks. Here I go and try anyway.

As you drive through town and wonder how there aren’t car accidents every 100 ft. You can see the poverty and the conditions that are lived in. Contradictions surround you, with white, and I mean white, laundry hanging on the line of a dirt yard. Though it is only about 6 miles through very rutted roads (use road loosely) it takes us awhile to get there.

There are people everywhere, so though you are in a remote location it is crowded with people.  It is like coming home to our family which it has been far too long since we have seen last and yet we can take up where we left off. It was such a joy to share with the new comers that have not been here before and such a delight to see them interact with everyone. I got to ask them what they thought and they were surprised at how beautiful it is and agreed that there is no way to really explain what it is like.

We actually did spend time formally introducing ourselves to everyone and they did the same. It was nice to hear who was who and how they served in the church. Pastor Mario literally said there were no palabras to describe the joy that they had in having us back and we didn’t need any to feel and see the love and joy in their eyes. I enjoyed watching and interacting with the children as they played games with everyone: ring around the rosies, hand games, tag and later we were able to color pictures and play with play dough. There was a little work done in leveling some ground for tables for the wedding tomorrow. It is worth mentioning that the food has been amazing: hot, tasty and in massive quantities. Our sponsor child gave us a beautiful gift and it was so wonderful to be here with him. It’s personal.