This post by Zack

To be happy is a current state of emotion. One can be happy one minute and sad the next. However, joy in someone will always prevail no matter what the current emotion is. The town of Nueva Florida is full of joy. From the moment we show up each day until we drive off in our bus the people love on us and show us how much joy they have in their hearts.

Today we had the pleasure of being baptized in the river which sits along the beautiful coast of northern Honduras. As the sounds of water flowing by were triumphed by the clapping of hands and singing of hymns we were dunked one by one by all 3 pastors. It was such an honor to have Pastor Mario and Pastor Alex join my older brother Pastor Shane in the ceremony. There was a total of 13 children and 1 adult from the native land and myself from California. We all made the ultimate commitment to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Pastor Alex reminded all of us today that although I am from a different continent there are no borders in the kingdom of God.

My highlight was having my older brother Shane who I have always looked up to baptize me in this beautiful country with our amazing extended family we have down here. I am 40 years old and have been a Christ follower for some years now but never have been baptized. Maybe it’s something I wasn’t ready for until now or just never gave thought to because I am always going 100MPH at home. But I know today that God had a plan and put me here in Honduras for a reason. As I slow down and fit into the Honduran culture I am reminded that thru God’s grace we find joy and purpose.

Joy will always triumph my current situation whether it’s happy or sad. The people in Nueva Florida have nothing, not even a bike, some sleep all 6 on the floor of their home but they have joy in their heart which shines thru their warm smiles. They are Christ followers and I now know that with him anything is possible. Hope although there aren’t many resources, love even with no parents around, and joy where most would find sorrow are all possible here in Nueva Florida because of the love they share for our heavenly Father.