From Jordyn:

Today was an exciting day! It was the first day we got to actually work and open the outreach center. I worked triage and got to meet many people from around the area. The language barrier was hard, but throughout the day it became easier to pick up on certain words and phrases. Everyone was so nice and grateful, and it felt great to know I was making a difference. My favorite part, however, was when I got to take a break from my station and played with the kids. There were SO many excited kids making crafts, kicking a soccer ball, or making funny shapes out of playdough. Their excitement was contagious, it was so fun learning who they were and trying to speak Spanish with them. When I got back to my station, they all gave me huge hugs goodbye and continued to play. All in all, it was a very fulfilling day and I’m so excited for more.

From Dana:

We had a long day at outreach, hence why I’m writing the blog! We started the day with a great time of devotion and worship as a team, which was a refreshing and centering start to the day. As a team leader, it’s always fun for me to get to walk around the outreach and see all the different areas working together! I enjoyed watching Heather and Albita (in dental) fix a woman’s rotting front teeth with a miraculous process, got to see Anna, Renzo, and Alondra ( our new optometry team!) set up our first optometry clinic complete with a tree stump for a phoropter base, and to see Andre, Sharon, Sofi, Willy & Kelly (our providers) offer such compassionate and attentive care. Our pharmacy team is amazing as always and the kids on our team rocked it while counting pills, packing food bags for distribution this week, and enjoying time in kids ministry. This team is getting along so well and is so fun, the joy of the Lord is evident.

While there were so many fun highlights, it is hard to see so much need and feel like what we’re doing is just a drop in the bucket. But, I have to believe that offering what we can honors people and helps them to be seen and heard in a world where they are overlooked often. Many team members today felt the lament of the limitations we have, but that doesn’t make what we CAN do less meaningful and helpful. Sincere prayers, heartfelt compassion, and faithful care are just a few ways we can worship a God who knows, sees, and is constantly at work in the hearts and minds of people.