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Who can participate in these clinics? Doctors, Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, Dentists, Pharmacists, Pharmacy Technicians, Nurses, Medical Assistants, Dental Assistants, Dental Hygienist, Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapist, Massage Therapist, CNAs, EMTs, and Nursing/Medical students. If you are non-medical we have positions for children’s crafts, vision screenings, charting, counting vitamins/medications, and prayer.

What is the clinic set up like? We run our clinic in a rural school and we have rooms for: registration, triage, and procedures. We also have 4 exam rooms, dental room, and 2 children’s craft areas. The clinic can be viewed as a family practice/ insta care setting.

What does a typical schedule for a clinic day? We wake up at 6am and have morning devotions and breakfast before we will leave for the clinic at 7:30am. We will eat lunch at the clinic. In the afternoon we will rotate team members to have a community medical outreach experience. Dinner is at the guesthouse. We will debrief as a team each night before we go to bed.

How long are the clinic days? LONG; Hours are 8am-6pm or until the last patient leaves. The last clinic day we usually leave around 8pm due to inventory of medication, supply, and repacking for storage for the next medical mission.

How many patients do you see in 5 days? On average we see 600 patients in our clinic.

Who will follow up with the patients with chronic illnesses? We will have medical teams do clinics every 6 months. In the meantime, we have a woman in the community that has been trained to follow up on the patients that have chronic illnesses. She will report back to our field partners should there be any problems that arise.

I don’t speak Spanish. Will I have a translator? Yes! You are not required to know Spanish before you go, but we do encourage you to learn a little if you can. We will have a team of translators that participate in the clinic with us.


Will we have time to see the country and culture? Yes we go to a tourist city called Antigua where you will have the opportunity to shop for souvenirs and tour ancient ruins. We will also have lunch as a team in Antigua.

Can we have more time to do tourist activities throughout the week? Unfortunately no. Because of our busy clinic schedule we are limited to one tourist day. We cannot arrange any other time for tourism, but you may walk around San Lucas if time permits.

What can we do with our down time? Knowing that your downtime will be very limited, we recommend that you use your downtime the best way to help you feel relaxed and re-energized. This can be a time of reflection or journaling, a walk through San Lucas, taking a nap, or go to a local café with other team mates.


What kind of accommodations will I have? We will have bunk beds and be in close proximity of one another for the whole week. Meals are served in an outdoor area. We will have flush toilets and running water for showers.

Are the beds comfortable? The mattresses are lumpy and sunken in on spring style bunk beds. If you have a bad back, please bring a camping air mattress to support your back.

Do they have hot water? Hot water comes and goes. You will likely have a cold shower on most days as the hot water is in short supply.

Can the guest house accommodate dietary restrictions? Yes, please note your dietary restrictions and they will make every effort to accommodate your needs. Please bring extra snacks on the trip if you have multiple allergies/sensitivities.

Can I exercise while I am in Guatemala? You may exercise, but we ask that you go with multiple people so that you are safe. You will be expected to participate in regular activities, so please plan your exercise according to the schedule.


Will we get to know our field partner and hear more about their ministry? YES! Sunday is a very intentional day where we can get to know our partners, hear about their ministry, and show them our love and support. On Sunday after church, our field partners will come to the guesthouse with their families and eat lunch with us and share about their ministry. Afterwards, our team will come alongside of them and support them by giving them dental and medical care at the clinic.


Do I have to travel with the team, even though I have a lot of international travel experience? YES! It is always best to travel in a team so everyone has the same direction and information. Please help the HFL team leader and take a “newbie” under your wing and help guide them through international travel. Your former experience will be very helpful for someone that has never travelled before. If you live outside of Utah, the team will meet you at our layover destination.

Training and Orientation:

What training or orientation will I receive? There 3-4 team meetings to orient you to the clinic and Guatemalan culture. They are crucial for giving information and team building so we encourage 100% participation so that you get all of the information that you need. Out of state members can call into the meetings. The medical missions coordinator will let you know all of the dates of the meetings several months in advance so you can plan accordingly.

How can I prepare spiritually? Our Healing Nations team will provide you with devotionals that prepare your heart for your trip. You don’t have to wait…Start praying now for your trip! Pray for the people you will be ministering to, pray for our team unity, pray for opportunities to share God’s love. Ask God to prepare your heart for what He wants you to learn and experience! Pray that He heals the people you treat both physically and spiritually. Ask others to pray with you and for you as you go.

Medication and Supplies:

How do we transport the medication and supplies?

We will use our suitcases to transport all of the medications and supplies. If you live out of state, we will send you everything you need to pack for the clinic. You will need to bring a carry on bag for your personal items.


What should I pack? You will receive a detailed packing list that will guide you as you pack. This list has been compiled by past team members. Please note: Everyone is required to wear scrubs on clinic days.

Age restrictions:

Can we bring our children for an amazing cross cultural experience? For parents of children less than 15 years of age, if you would like to bring your child with you on a medical mission, our policy is that a parent must go on a trip to view the clinic through their child’s eyes before the child may participate. We know that every child processes things differently and we want to make sure that your child is ready for the trip. After assessing the trip, you may accompany your child on the next trip. Children add a unique gift to our missions and we love that, but we want to make sure they can endure long days, eat unfamiliar food, and participate with purpose and excitement!


Can I fundraise to cover my trip expenses? Every team member is responsible for their funding. You are welcome to fundraise individually or as a team. This will be up to each team members discretion. If you need a fundraising letter resource, please email your medical coordinator and we can provide you with a template. If you have people that want to donate towards your trip, you can direct them to the trip payment link where they can designate funding towards your trip.

Can additional funds I raise be paid for passports, immunizations, tourism, and other out of pocket expenses? No. These are considered personal expenses. Any amount that you raise over and beyond, will be considered extra project money or can be put towards a future trip.

If I cancel my trip, will I receive a refund? Healing Nations is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization and all donations are tax deductible. Because of this, donations cannot be refunded. If you need to cancel your trip you have the following options: Funds can be used on a future trip taken within one year, or funds can be donated to medication/ supplies for the medical and dental mission.

Currently serving in Guatemala Every January and July. For more information email [email protected]


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