We are so excited at the opportunity of having you join the ministry of Healing Nations!

Please fill out the application below. All the information provided will be confidential. Please note that your answers to the questions will not automatically disqualify you. The application is extensive to ensure that we are providing the best possible care for you while on the field.

All positions working with Healing Nations are required to raise financial support, so you will be responsible to build your own financial support and prayer team. Please reach out if you need guidance in the fundraising process. We highly recommend that you apply for CTEN (Commission To Every Nation) to be your official mission-sending agency. This organization can provide a great missionary community, process your financial support, and provide member care while you are on the field.

Before serving in any position on the field with Healing Nations, we require you to attend formal missionary training through Mission Training International.

After our team has been able to review your application and reference responses, we will send you your official job description with the roles, responsibilities, and expectations clearly laid out for you as a representative of Healing Nations.