We made it!!!! After a long wait, we are so excited to finally be here. We are staying at a beautiful home with an amazing family and will continue to UCI tomorrow. Travel is always hard, but what better way to get to know each other then over an all night flight. Bonding is already starting.

We were going to just leave our blog at made it safe and sound, but God is already showing us amazing things. We wanted to share a story of a family that we met here at the Hibiscus House. A lady and her dad are visiting her 3 year old boy that she has adopted. Her husband and 2 girls have been in this process for 5 years and still waiting for the opportunity to bring him home. They had paperwork to adopt in Ethiopia until her husband had a dream that God said their child won’t be from Ethiopia. Then she was on the adoption website and accidentally clicked Haiti. The adoption process had just changed in Haiti. Next thing you know, their paperwork is in. It’s awesome to see God work in people’s life. Adoption is long and hard in Haiti, but so many deserving kids.

We’re just excited to be quiet enough to see God working all around us. We also pray that he will use us in so many wonderful ways.