Today is Valentine’s Day…back at home and here in Haiti.  Our day was not filled with candy, flowers, and all the hallmark versions of how we normally spend celebrating Valentine’s day but rather it was a day truly filled with an authentic experience of love.  Today was our second full day in Haiti.  Of the ten people in our group, this is the first mission experience for eight of us.  Undoubtedly, we will all come home with a new understanding of what love is.  We spent the day with close to 100 Haitian people at a church in the town of Paulette.  The objectives for today were to teach lessons from the Truth Centered Transformation program to the adults and children, as well as providing a medical assessment to the Bless Go Bless families.

We had planned on 50 people attending but that number quickly doubled in children who came from the community when they saw us gathered.  All were welcomed because love was in the air.   Some of this love was in our own strength but we quickly realized that our strength alone was not enough. It’s no coincidence that the prepared lessons for today were for both the Haitian community and the Missionary team. The lesson was on God’s Kingdom here on Earth and examples of how Jesus encouraged small steps to making big changes. Our small step today was celebrating the love that we have received from God with our brothers and sisters here in Haiti.  We felt the love in return.