Greetings from Gogo Diana. Gogo is grandmother in Swahili. Gogos are greatly respected in Kenya.

My word for this week is transformation. When we first came, the girls were very quiet and reserved. They looked away when we glanced at them. They didn’t engage with us when we were teaching. As the week went on, they warmed up and on Thursday when we were outside and chatting with one or two girls we were each quickly surrounded by many girls wanting to see pictures, hear about our lives and sharing their own lives. The time on Thursday afternoon, where they were able to share their hurts and struggles, allowed an inner transformation to take place which shone in their whole being. Transformation!

On Friday, each mentor group went to do a service project. Our group went to serve a widow. The girls shared songs, prayers, and a word. They blessed the widow with essentials for cooking. Because of our visit, the widow shared she had backslid, but was encouraged and was going to go back to church. Transformation! The girls worked hard and re-mudded three outside walls of her house. THe walls were cracked and crumbling but the re-mudding made it look like new. Transformation!

Transformation took place in each of our lives as well. Lessons learned from the teaching of others, a new view and compassion for those who live in difference circumstances, an understanding of the challenges of these girls and so much more. Ask us when we get back for our stories of transformation.

Many blessings from the Kenya Team