From Arleen:

By now we have figured out many things: How to get on the bus on time in the morning, how many medicine cups we have, that the last two days are really hard, triage flow, to count vitamins by five, that patients show up at 0100am to see us, we have ultrasound, we have good futbol players, people come with all kinds of problems and that the Guatemalan people are so gracious, hardworking and live very differently than the team members. Mostly that Senor (God) was with us throughout our service. Also, Juanita can use one towel for a whole week!!!

Our last day we saw 121 patients which made the week total 528. The day went smoothly with a great lunch and guacamole snack. The school staff had a thank you ceremony, made us a cute poster and gave us handmade bracelets. The clinic was cleaned up inventory of supplies and pharmacy completed. Home on the bus for yet another lovely dinner.

This is my second Medical mission trip to Guatemala with Healing Nations. I would highly recommend a return Mission trip, it is a different experience when you return. I knew what to expect with lodging, transportation and clinic flow. I was able to focus on the patients and let God lead me throughout the week. I am so impressed with our team leaders and am grateful to be able to serve a second tour.

From Maddie: The Final Countdown

It is quite ironic how the day that we are most prepared and used to the flow of things is the last day. God seems to do that to us often, right when we feel comfortable, he moves us to places where we can grow. This week has been one of the best weeks of my summer! There truly is no better way to spend your time than by serving our brothers and sisters. Being in a Spanish speaking country again certainly has been AMAZING and the people of Guatemala are quite remarkable.

I have realized all the little things that I have taken for granted in my everyday life. Running water, wide streets, toilet paper in the bathrooms, hot showers, washing machines, insulated walls, and even just my teeth. This week I have been part of the dental team serving with some of the best people. One of the moments in which my heart strings were tugged on is when we had to remove 2 front teeth of a 21-year-old. It hurt my heart watching her face drop when we had to tell her that we would have to remove them. Seeing what some people can’t do due to their lack of resources or knowledge, makes me want to be better because of what I do have and what I do know. Not going to lie, I most definitely need to be much better at flossing my teeth. A little string makes a big difference.

God gives us so many opportunities to serve and show his love for his children each and every day. It is our job to reach out to those around us and hug them tight.

Tomorrow as we leave Guatemala we will all be leaving a part of our hearts.