Post Written by Janet

What an amazing second day! It has been wonderful to see how the dental clinic has grown in just 2 and a half years. From our first dental clinic run July 2015 we were only able to do basic cleanings and MULTIPLE extractions. NOW we can do MULTIPLE fillings, cleanings, very few extractions, fluorides, and scalings. Also the blessing to have a dental chair and dental equipment to speed up the process of cleanings the instruments.

What an honor and privilege it is to hold her hand again as I held it 2016. What a blessing to be able to see the child that I had originally met in August 2016. She had multiple extractions. A year and a half later no extractions needed. She only needed one filling! Our Dental providers are such artists that they are able to fill teeth and make them whole again. Restoring smiles and dignity. Praise God that we are able to keep coming and see the change, the transformation of a child, a family and a community.

With a sore back and feet, but with a joyful heart I’m signing off. Thank you for your prayers!

Post Written by Melinda

Wow, I am in Awe of this whole experience and I feel so grateful and blessed to be a part of this amazing team! Today was so joyful, humbling, emotional, and amazing. I had the opportunity to see families in triage at the clinic, which I very much enjoyed. They are beautiful people and I loved seeing so many smiles and I was truly touched by their hugs and kisses. It is such a joy to serve these people, and know that we are making a small difference in their world. I almost cried when an almost 2 year old boy and his 4 year old brother gave me hugs and kissed my cheek as they were telling me “Gracias” for helping them. These kids are so brave, so grateful and so sweet. I got the chance to hold a beautiful little baby today while he slept and his mom was with his siblings were having procedures done. I enjoyed loving on that baby for a while.

But I have to say the most touching experience today was our Community Visit to Jenni’s favorite patient, Berta. This was a humbling, emotional experience and I am so grateful for the opportunity to care for her. We arrived at Bertas home to find her very very sick and in a lot of pain. She had tears of pain and tears of joy to see Jenni and our team. It was so humbling to see their living conditions, and her family and grandchildren playing in the room. We assessed her to determine what supplies we needed to help her. It was very emotional to see Jenni’s genuine love and compassion for her. Before we left to get supplies Jenni prayed for her and I did cry, I don’t think there was a dry eye in the room.  It was a beautiful prayer. Leigh Anna, Jenni and I were able to return with supplies and treat her, starting an IV, giving fluids, antibiotics, and other medications. Many of her family members were there in her tiny 2 bedroom home. They don’t have much but they are so happy. And Berta, she is such a sweet, amazing, strong women. She was so grateful, and so sick. Even while she is laying there in pain and sick she is worried about making us comfortable. Telling her family to get us chairs and have us sit. To see the relationship between Jenni and Berta was very touching. A very very touching experience that I am so grateful I got to be a part of.

God is aware of Berta and Loves her and he will bless her according to his will, he will not leave her comfortless. I pray that she will be able to be healed and when we return on Sunday she will show improvement. God bless Berta. God bless this mission!