Job Overview

The Team Engagement department plans all team and staff travel overseas. Team Engagement works to gather team data, book airfare, plan in-country travel, book travel insurance, and equip team leaders for their time on the ground through trip supplies and preparation. They work closely with the Director of Team Engagement to complete these tasks and update Missions Mobilizers, Team Leaders, and Field Partners as needed. Team Engagement is an integral part of sending teams, which is our primary means to connect people across cultural divides, for spiritual growth and for the glory of God. 

Support Team Building

All Healing Nations staff develop a personal support team to partner with them in this ministry. Your team supports you in your ministry position through prayer and financial gifts. How much you need to raise will depend on many factors such as experience, family size, the cost of living where you are located, etc. Our staff will work with you to determine your goals after you have been accepted for a position.

The funds you raise for support will cover the following:

  • Salary
  • Personal ministry expenses

Insurance and other benefits (i.e. retirement) will be factored into your support-raising goal but are not provided directly by Healing Nations.

All the funds you raise will be designated directly to you. Healing Nations does not require that a percentage of your support be given to the organization to cover any administrative costs.

Healing Nations Culture

As a faith-based organization, Healing Nations strives to foster a gospel-centered workplace. We strive to encourage and equip our staff to live faithful lives of obedience to Jesus by living out Biblical truth. We believe that everyone involved in the organization, from board members to staff to those we serve, is of equal value to God and seek to treat each person that way. In all that we do, we desire to glorify God and make his name known, whether around the office or among the nations.

Download our Code of Conduct & Statement of Faith.

Job Description

Team Engagement works as a liaison between Missions Mobilizers, church team leaders, and Healing Nations team leaders to prepare budgets, plan travel, and book accommodations for Healing Nations’ short-term, international trips and staff travel.

Department & Supervisor

Team Engagement, Dana Snyder (Director of Team Engagement)

Relationship to the Mission of Healing Nations

The mission of Healing Nations is to glorify God by cultivating spiritual and physical flourishing through cross-cultural ministry. Team Engagement directly contributes to this mission through the planning of trips that facilitate long-term, cross-cultural, and face-to-face ministry relationships between international and domestic partners.

Duties, Responsibilities, & Authority

  • Prepare trip handbooks for church teams
  • Prepare and update trip budget based on travel bookings and lodging information
  • Communicate clearly with team leaders and the finance department about trip costs and payments
  • Book airfare, travel insurance, and travel accommodations, communicate regularly with a travel agent
  • Coordinate wiring of money and cash withdrawal for the team
  • Prepare team leader with trip supplies and budget training
  • Flexibility to be “on call” when a team is in-country; book emergency travel if needed
  • Debrief and reconcile the budget with the team leader

Preferred Experience

  • Working with Excel and WordPress
  • Basic understanding of travel booking/industry is preferred
  • Task-oriented skillset

Strengths Required

Because of the unique nature of working with team travel and planning, and because of the task-oriented nature of planning international travel, working in Team Engagement requires the following strengths:

  • Self-motivated; Organized; Flexible; Relational; Problem-solver; Patient; Reliable; Faithful; Detail-oriented; Takes intuitive

Skills Required

  • Familiarity with Microsoft 365 apps
  • Flexible in learning new systems and programs
  • Innovative in solving complex problems

Job Location

Salt Lake City, UT
Remote work (from home via computer and phone) should be expected

Download the Team Engagement job description.

After you apply, our Executive Team will review your application and contact your references. You will then be contacted to schedule an interview, after which, the Executive Team will make a decision to hire or not. Once a decision has been made, you will be contacted with next steps.

Please do not begin the support raising process until after you have received an affirmative decision of hiring.