“W” Family Blog

From Randy: Hola amigos y amigas!

Another beautiful trip to Guatemala! This is my 4th medical mission trip and once again find the people of Guatemala so beautiful, loving and kind. They fill my heart with caring and love. I am so blessed to be able to have this experience and must say it has been one of the more fulfilling experiences in my medical career. This having been my 4th trip, I feel I’m reconnecting with many of the patients I’ve seen before, which brings its own sense of fulfillment because it brings a new continuity as I feel I’m getting to know them better. I think that makes the whole mission that much more effective. An added blessing for me is to be here with my children, Zoey and Zac, and watch them grow and learn how to serve and be there for others.

I did have one difficult encounter with a young lady at clinic yesterday, a mother of two. She has been in a relationship and it has been abusive. Her husband has kicked her and her children out of her house and she begged to come back in. She is currently staying in the home. This was very disturbing and we were able to get Brenda, the pastor’s wife, and my translator, Esteban, to sit and talk with her and give her some opportunities and guidance to help work out of this problem. The difficult thing for me is that the resources are limited and the situation is complicated. As a provider, it is difficult to leave a situation being unresolved. Really, all I could do was be there for her and let her know I cared and love on her and pray for her. Hopefully God leads her to an answer soon.

Today we also went to the ruins and Antigua! It was hot and was so fun to explore with my kids!

From Zoey: This year I was blessed with the opportunity to oversee the children’s ministry, and I have to say at first, I was a little flustered and didn’t think I’d make the cut. I had my doubts. But like it says in Joshua, “Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” (Joshua 1:9) and I wholeheartedly believe that. I’m so thankful for the leaders and all the amazing kids who came on this trip who are always there by my side helping me help the kids. There is nothing else that brings me more joy than seeing all the smiles on the kids faces when they complete a craft and get to take it home.  Or even when we are playing tug-o-war or running around blowing bubbles and laughing. There is truly nothing like it, and with this being my third trip I’m finally forming relationships with the locals and I can’t wait to see how much more they grow.

From Zac: This is my 2nd time coming to Guatemala. I wanted to do more this time and I think I have done that so far . I have done children’s ministry at the clinic and pill counting and dental. I wish I could help more in dental than just playing with the kids. There were times I was surrounded by 6 or 8 kids while doing crafts with beads and it felt really great! The house visit was really cool because it was cool to see how the families live here. The kids were really cute. They lived a simple life, but they had everything they needed. The ultrasound machine is really cool too. Today we went to some Mayan ruins in Iximche. It was different and I learned a lot about the Mayan culture. We also went to Antigua, we were even recognized by some of the vendors and it seemed special to make those connections and they even gave us half off! I’m looking forward to more obstacles and opportunities to come this week and to get to serve.