Today was an amazing day. Holly, Janet, and I woke up at 6:00 and went for a morning walk. It was beautiful. We got back just in time for breakfast. We got to the job site and worked hard. Those blocks were heavy. Then we went to the market. The market was packed with people. They were selling whatever you can imagine food, hair products, clothes, and much more. We got a cute curtain for a door for the family that we are building the house for. That family shows me the love of Christ through them. There is this bread house which is really cool where they make bread and you can buy it. It was fun to watch them make bread. We came back to the house and ate some lunch. I played UNO Dare with some of the interpreters. We went down to the school and taught English to the 3rd graders and the 1st graders. Holly, Ally, Pastor Carl, and I did the 1st graders and Cindy, Jeanine, Dan, Janell, Dylan, and Chuck went to the 3rd graders. We taught them to count to 20, colors, the ABC’s, and animals. Then we went back to the guest house and played more Uno. A little bit later we went to a feeding center. When we got there, we had to walk about 1 mile to the actual feeding center. There was a lot of kids and they were all so sweet. We gave them balloons to play with. They loved them. We gave them their food and then we were off. We walked 1 mile back and got back to UCI. We did our nightly devotional and then Nelson came. He used to be a witch doctor and he transformed to a Christian and he told us all about his story. It was amazing. Both him and his family were so polite and kind. Whenever he tells his story it makes me so sad. When they left, I was finally allowed to call my dad. I miss him so much and wish he was here with me. It makes me so sad to even be 3 hours away from him for more than 2 days and we are in a totally different country for 10 days. Today was a wonderful, productive day. Kaylee