Empower Hope is providing a Rite Of Passage camp every year for girls in the Mt. Elgon region of Kenya, providing life skill training, spiritual development and celebration of womanhood; helping the girls to encounter Christ, acquire valuable tools for personal growth and avoid some cultural practices (illegal yet still participate in by some) that are degrading and harmful.
Empower Hope’s year round programs include the following:
Mentorship: Engaging girls through workshops, counseling, small groups bible study and support programs that provide life skills training. A main component of this program is the annual rite of passage camp. We call this program “Tembea Nami”, a Swahili phrase for ‘walk with me.’
Education: Enabling girls to complete their education. We call this program ‘Elimu Msingi”, Swahili for ‘education is foundational.’ Another component of this program is providing the girls with re-washable sanitary pads. This simple gift helps girls to stay in school and focus on their studies.
Family: Most of the vulnerable girls come from poor families. By equipping their families we help to ensure that the girls have a secure base. We call this program “Inua Familia”, Swahili for ‘uplift the family’.

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Activity for Teams:

– Teaching women’s empowerment, life skills & discipleship lessons
– Counseling
– Medical exams

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