Hello everyone! My name is Emma Champ and this is my second year going to Guatemala! I was a last minute addition to the team, but I have never been happier and have loved every second of the trip so far! After a day of lots of manual labor, and a second day of building and painting, we got the day to go shopping and exploring in Antigua! My group was all of the teenagers and college students and most of us had a general idea of what we wanted so it was a lot faster and easier than last year. After we had gone through the markets and shopped, we met up with the rest of the group to go eat some delicious food in Antigua! After we ate, the group split up once again and went on a short hike to a place called “Cerro de la Cruz” also known as the “Hill of the Cross” that happens to include a beautiful view of all of Antigua. The view was beautiful and I was so happy I got to experience it. After we were done getting all the pictures we needed and taking in the view, we walked back down and met up with the group to go get ice cream after a long and hot day! We then drove back to the compound and relaxed because we were so tired from the fun day that we had! Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers as this trip has gone by so fast and I cannot wait to see what other amazing experiences are yet to come!

-Emma Champ