If I had to sum up this week in one word, I would choose ‘humbled’. First, humbled by the fact that I’m even here! The Lord (and Debbie) has given me such an amazing gift to allow me to be back in Guatemala when it wasn’t a thought in my mind two weeks ago. I’m also humbled to serve the Guatemalan people as a student nurse, gaining so much knowledge from the amazing nurses on this team before I graduate in May (Woohoo!), and getting so much practice in the career I am deeply passionate about. But more than anything else, I am humbled by the servant hearts that I have been constantly surrounded by this week. This team is tired, but they still ask how I’m doing and ask how they can help when I mention I’m not feeling the best. The amazing ladies that cook us meals are flexible to our dietary restrictions and difficult schedules. When we enter a patient’s home, where WE have come to serve THEM, they bring us chairs and invite us in as friends. And when I have to unfortunately tell a patient we only have reading glasses and not distance lenses, they smile and tell me it’s not a problem, and that they are thankful for me. Though the point for each one of us on this trip is to bring the love of Christ to our Guatemalan friends, I am in awe of the out-pouring of that same crazy, unending love, that has been given right back to me.

Post by Abby

Yesterday we got to worship God in church together with our brothers and sisters in Guatemala. We were worshiping God as we sang familiar and new songs in a language most of us didn’t grow up speaking, and being reminded of the fact that our God can hear us no matter where we are or what language we speak or any lack of words we may have at any given moment. Today we were able to worship God in the clinic as we used our gifts and skills to take care of old and young. We are worshiping Him by loving these new neighbors, our new friends – pouring into the truth of their identities as being created in the image of God and so completely loved, cherished, and pursued by Him. Like others have shared already, there is a slight language barrier, and yet, we truly have built some incredible, joyous relationships with minimal words. They say laughter is the best medicine (and for those of you who’ve been on a trip with us before, you know there are some team members with incredibly infectious laughs that carry throughout the building you are in day and night!!!). Would you be praying that our patients experience God’s love through our words and actions, and that God would continue to use us to bring healing and joy and hope when we put scrubs back on in the morning and head into our last day in the clinic?! We’re tired and even as we learn how to adapt to what is available to us here, there is always more we wish we could do if we had some of the resources of home. Thank you God for being sufficient and powerful. We’ve seen His hand in so many ways – seeing Berta’s health improve in just the few days we’ve been here, being at the right place at the right time when one of the pastor’s kids was just starting to get sick from strep, providing new equipment that make our jobs easier and take care of our patients better, and finding the perfect pair of glasses for someone who doesn’t have access to an optometrist. Thank you all so much for your encouragement and prayers – we are blessed to have family and friends back home and all over, who are invested in this adventure with us.

Post by Susanna