We made it to United Christians International (UCI), our destination.  We spent most of the day traveling.  The highlight, which I thought would be the terror, of the day was taking a prop plane with MFI and land in a field near where we are staying.  I’ve been dreading this for a month.  The good news is it was so great.  I think we all agreed it was awesome.  So smooth, landing was perfect, no issues at all, better than a large commercial flight.

Now we are here and so happy.  We got to love on a few kids when school got out.  It took the kids a minute to warm up to us.  But it didn’t take long before they were asking Carl about his ear piercings, playing with Chuck’s flint to make fire and taking pictures with everyone else.

JeanJean took us on a tour.  They never stop thinking.  You can tell they’re always coming up with new ideas.  They are currently working on a fish farm.  We saw all the beautiful changes to the university.  We also saw the new high school, which is already growing with another building to add on.

The food was as amazing as I remember it. . .yum.  I guess I’ll leave it at that with a BIG smile.  Janell