So today is our fifth day and so far this trip has been amazing. I have really enjoyed being around all the local Guatemalans and helping them build the church. The main thing that has really stuck out to me the most is how happy and grateful they are. They don’t have as much as we have, but they are very happy people. For example when we went to the youth group on Friday the Guatemalans were laughing so much and just having a blast. Even right now as I am sitting in the kitchen writing this, our amazing cooks seem to be having such a fun time talking to each other and laughing together. I have also noticed that they are very grateful, like when one of the construction workers Rudy burned his arm really bad he didn’t complain even once. All he did was get some medical attention from Carol and thanked her a lot. Just being around all these happy people has made me feel happier, and more grateful for the things I already have. Well anyways, I’m so excited for what else is in store for the team and our friends at Iglesia Galilea.

Post by Jordan