Hi, this is Vicki, I’m not in the group photo because I have been in Guatemala since the Healing Nations medical mission in January. What an amazing experience this has been! I love Guatemala.
After the mission in January I went to school in Antigua to learn Spanish. After my time in Antigua I had the privilege of living 10 days with the pastor of Membrillal and his family. I have now joined the team from Capital Church for a 10 day mission serving the people of San Lucas and Membrillal.
This is bittersweet because it means my time in Guatemala is drawing to a close. It also means that I get to share my experiences with my friends from home. In my time here I have seen God at work in so many ways. I’ve made friends and had experiences that will stay with me for a lifetime. I’ve shared the joys of birth and the grief of death. I’ve watched as God used doctors, dentists, and nurses to improve people’s lives. I’ve been privileged to be in prayer groups that saw many of their prayers answered, some would call these miracles. My faith in God continues to grow as I see him work in the lives of so many people.
With the team from Capital we will be helping to build the new church as well as putting on a festival in both San Lucas and Membrillal. The purpose of this festival is to give the people a great experience that doesn’t include alcohol. Alcohol has such a strong hold on the lives of many of these people. Many Guatemalans live in poverty and despair and alcohol is an easy way to numb the pain. However many others find peace in their faith in God. The people that love God are the people I have been privileged to shared life with and learn from in Antigua, Membrillal, and San Lucas.
I was here when the volcano erupted and watched the people rally together as the government failed to help. Pastor Merari was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor. He is in treatment and expecting to do well. I watch the kids in Membrillal learn, and grow, and praise God.
I get to be in Guatemala until the end of July. I’m excited to share this time with my friends from home and see what other things God has in store for all of us.