Wow, it was a busy day, we saw over a 170 patients. It was hopping, everywhere, Dental was cranking them through, we probably helped a few dozen people improve their vision with some glasses, and  of course we filled hundreds of meds. Pharmacy was “ all hands on deck” as Jenni says. We were teaching in pharmacy and had 2 more teaching meds out on the playground. When we arrived at the school this morning, there was already a pretty good line waiting outside. And after we started clinic we learned some of these people had been waiting in line since 2 am. We saw many families today.  One family, an elderly couple with their adult boys drove 2 ½ hours to come to our clinic today to be seen. Some of these people had come before the sun came up and were leaving as the sun was going down. Never a complaint was heard, only “ Thank you” and “God bless you” came from their mouths. They had to be exhausted and hungry after being at our clinic all day some with 4 or 5 kids, but they left with smiles, hugs and so much gratitude for everything our team had done. It’s amazing to see and really humbles me. Our interpreters have been amazing, we couldn’t do this without them and they stepped up to help us out in more ways than just translating!  They love their people and want to help in any way. Tono, who is the pastor here currently has a friend at church that he has brought for us to help. He is so kind and loving to this man and has gone out of his way to make sure his friend was able to get the care he needed. He is a true example of Christ like love. It really makes me think of all we are blessed with, it makes me think. Do I have the attitude of gratitude these people have? How can I be more gracious and kind? How can I show more love?  What can I do at home to serve my family, friends, those I don’t know but are in need? This place make me want to be better, to try harder in so many ways to serve others and to love everyone. We are all sons and daughters of a heavenly father who loves each one of us dearly, and equally. No one more than another. Wow it was a busy day, but so rewarding and fulfilling. I am so grateful for this opportunity to serve these beautiful people, I love them, and to serve along side all these amazing individuals that make up this team! God has a plan for each of us and I’m grateful he allowed this to be part of his plan for me!