From Morgan:

Dios Lo Bendiga!! Today part of our group broke off to do home visits with some of the elderly that aren’t sponsored yet. all of us jumped in the bed of Pastor Mario’s truck, which is common for the locals here but not for us haha we even had to bail out when we couldn’t made it up a steep hill and started to slide.

The first family We encountered was a grandma who had taken in many of her family members because there immediate families had died and the first thing she asked us to pray for was the salvation of her other family members. Of all the things she could ask for prayer for it struck me that, that was at the top of her list. The prayer was so powerful and I was immediately filled with emotion. At least two of the family members (a husband and wife) were saved right there.

You could feel the spirit moving and as we went from house to house the barriers between cultures didn’t matter anymore. These were brothers and sister in Christ who were hurting but who trusted in him despite having what we would consider nothing. They welcomed us into their barely standing, dirt filled homes humbly and asking for prayers for healing, or strength with the continued belief that God is good. My impressions so far from my first few days are that these people love big! They are a forgotten, cast out people yet they welcome us with open arms and are the most incredible hosts. They have nothing, and they will give the little they do have.

One of the elderly men today cut down coconuts for all of us from his tree to say thank you, which are coconuts he could sell for money, but it was his way to show his gratitude. They know that the people have forgotten them but that God has not and he will continue to move and impact their community.

Just Yesterday I was thinking of how many days till I can go home, but today, even though I am anxious to hug my girls and be with David again, I am wanting the time to slow down and dreading the goodbyes to come. Thank you to everyone that is continuing to pray for us and everyone that has helped make this trip possible! It is such a blessing!