Today was the most amazing day!!!! We started the day off running around Honduras preparing for four weddings. We went to a store that was like a Zurcher’s, and then went to a store that was like Costco (it was owned by Costco) to get all of the decorations and supplies for the Weddings. We then headed up the mountain to see the community we have been so blessed by. As we got there, they all just come running down to us like they have not seen us in years. The anticipation all morning waiting to get up there was incredible.

When we got to the church Pastora was giving us jobs to prepare for the wedding, it looked incredible. We were told that we needed to sit upfront at a long table that looks out at the wedding parties and wedding guests. Spud and I were so lucky because the kids we sponsor, their parents got married and we were able to witness that. The wedding has been my favorite day so far, the community rallies together to make this day so important. In Honduras it is so difficult to get married because of the paperwork and having all the right documentation so some people wait years to get married. Today we witnessed a couple who were elderly who had been together for 50 years get married.

Jesus tells us that love comes from the heart and that love is a commandment, to love one another as I have loved you. Today we witnessed love in all areas, not just between the bride and groom but between the community support, the families and kids who were so excited to see their parents get married. We had so much fun today being surrounded by the love we feel here, we truly are family. My heart will break when it is time to leave, because I don’t want to leave my new family behind.

Holding these kids and engaging with them has been so amazing, they truly open a new part of your heart. We have been able to bond with our sponsor family in a way I never thought would be possible, language is not a barrier when you can feel the love. One of the girls is teaching me Spanish and with google translate you kind of get the gist, so that has been helpful as well. As we went to leave for the night, we were receiving hugs and kisses and being asked if we were coming back tomorrow. The grooms and men were carrying the bags down the hill for us ladies as a sign of being so grateful for being there. As I loaded the bus and we drove away, I left a piece of my heart, the hole will feel empty until tomorrow when I get to see the kids again.

Jesus is so present in this trip and even when you feel like you are worn out, or you don’t want to climb the hill again, there are His people waiting to see you, to hold you, and to remind you of his unconditional love. As I tell all the kids….

Adios Hasta Manana