Wow, what a week so far! We have done many things from cleaning up dirt and rubble, pouring concrete, and helping with festival activities. We have all been hit with some sort of stomach bug except for a small amount of us. Harrison was the one today that got it the worst, but he started feeling better and got back to work. Its an amazing sight watching all of us team members getting together and working so hard to help out the Guatemalan people and especially the church, Iglesia Galilea. That church is nothing but special and I can tell that God is working through that church. Today we finished up moving all the dirt and rocks to where they needed to be and cleaned up the whole interior of the church. What really moved us all was when Rudy came back and saw the work we did and started to tear up. Such a joy filled moment for us all. After that we then split up where Thomas, Harrison, and Jordan went to a school to pick up a stage for the festivals that are occurring tomorrow and Friday. Then the other Jacob and I went to go play at the basketball courts right down the street from where we are staying. We had such a good time and really got to interact with the locals. The tall Jacob really took over and towered over all of the Guatemalan players. We had a blast with tons of support from Emma, Nicolette, and Greg, who were great supporters. Thank you for your support and continue to pray that God will work in us and to others.

Post by Jacob Rosvall